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Sosped Center – combination of relevant data, comparable information 

We help organizations with impact assessment and organizational development.  

Sosped center have trained work life coaches for 30 years and has been a pioneer in measurement of social valuing in the Nordics.  Sosped Center is owned by Sosped Foundation, one of the biggest social and welfare NGO’s in Finland. Our foundation’s work is based on social pedagogical thinking and has experience of working with both vulnerable groups (ex. mental health rehabilitators, problematic gamblers) and complex social phenomena (ex. transformation of work-life, digital addictions, sexual health among immigrant communities).  

 Having a social and wellbeing foundation as an owner helps us to understand, analyze and value complex and hidden social phenomena better. We are used to hear “It can’t be measured” and “we’ve tried to do it.” We could do it together. Reach out to Miikka, our Chief of Evaluations or read a bit more about our evaluation services from here. 

 You can read more about Sosped Foundation from here 

Kuva: Miikka Vuorinen

Miikka Vuorinen

Chief of evaluation

Miikka Vuorinen is the chief of evaluation at Sosped Center. He holds a masters’ degree in Social Psychology, and loves solving complex challenges. During his studies in Sweden, France and Finland Vuorinen has focused on organizational psychology and sustainability reporting. Vuorinen’s strengths are in methodological design, workshops’ facilitation, and organizational psychology.  

Since 2015 Vuorinen has led Sosped Center’s Evaluation Team and he has been in charge with several SROI evaluations, program evaluations, and the design of tailored evaluation tools.  Vuorinen is the main designer behind Sosped center’s methodology combining public -, research – and organizational data. 

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